Quick & Dirty Bookkeeping Book

Do A Year's Worth of Accounting In A Single Afternoon

Quick & Dirty Bookkeeping

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Do A Year's Worth of Accounting In A Single Afternoon


...A whole year in a half day? Yep!


It's a struggle to get your business bookkeeping done. No matter how much time you devote to it, you can't get a handle on it. So much time that there isn't any left to run your business effectively. Sound familiar?

Certified Bookkeeper Crystal Wambeke hears these complaints day after day. Business owners spend so much time trying to get the books in order that they either give up or keep putting them off for tomorrow. Ultimately outsourcing the task to her.

With QUICK & DIRTY BOOKKEEPING Crystal guides you out of the dark Bookkeeping Abyss until you've become an Accounting Master. Get your financials in order for good with tips and advice for creating a system you can wrap your head around.

QUICK & DIRTY lets you get it done ... and get on with your life.


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