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Introducing: The Quick & Dirty VIP Bookkeeping Course

Master Business Accounting FAST

No Fluff, No Confusing Theories

Just the quick and dirty details you need to get your business books done the right way. That's the idea behind the Quick & Dirty VIP Business Bookkeeping Course, an easy, three-part series that will teach you all you need to know.

World-Class Instruction From A Certified Bookkeeper

As a Certified Bookkeeper, I will walk you through step-by-step understanding and doing your business accounting. With over ten years of experience, I have seen it all. I’ve been where you are and know exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to go. You’re in good hands.

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Here's the thing, I genuinely want you to succeed, and I'm confident that Quick & Dirty Bookkeeping is the course to do it. I'm so confident in this course that I'm practically giving it away. For a limited time, clients who enroll today will enjoy exclusive discount pricing.

Why 'Quick & Dirty'? Less Of What You Don't Want, More Of What You Need

  • Take back your nights, weekends, and free time knowing your finances are done
  • Eliminate confusion and frustration when "doing the books"
  • Know your numbers and feel assured they are handled
  • Have confidence about your money when making business decisions
  • Bonus: Navigate lender and investor meetings calmly and confidently with your number knowledge


Don't think "Can I really do this?"...  

Think "How fast can I get this done?"

What This Course Will Teach You...

The Foundation

In Level 1, you will learn about the concepts and foundations of accounting. We will discuss how bookkeeping works, the power of tracking it all, how to utilize different software platforms in your business, and much more.

The Brass Tacks

In Level 2, we are going to dive into doing your books. We’ll cover your chart of accounts, invoicing and bills, and ways to track your finances. Plus, I’ll to show you exactly how to do your books, step-by-step.

Putting It Together

In Level 3, we are going to talk about reports. We’ll show you why reading your financial reports is crucial to your success, and we’ll show you how to gain super useful information from them!

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Here's the thing, I genuinely want you to succeed, and I'm confident that Quick & Dirty Bookkeeping is the course to do it. I'm so confident in this course that I'm practically giving it away. For a limited time, clients who enroll today will enjoy exclusive discount pricing.

Doing The Books Doesn't Have To Be A Struggle

Do you spend your weekends flipping through your software or bank statements trying to make sense of the numbers?

Do you know there is something you're probably supposed to be doing with your "books" but you don't have any clue what that is?

You're NOT alone.

There are so many business owners just like you who want to do the books but need a little guidance on where to get started and what to do next.

And I have great news:  I can help!

The beautiful thing about business accounting (yes, I just used accounting and beautiful in the same sentence...) is the rules are the same for everyone and they are fundamental.

That means no matter what the tax code says or what year it is, these basic rules don’t change and they apply to everyone. 

All you need to do is learn these fundamental rules and you’re good-to-go! Bam!

Just like tying your shoes, you might struggle and give up a few times, but once you get some expert help and learn the basic motions, you will be unstoppable!

That is where I come in.

I am here to take you from “This stuff is so confusing!” to “Business Finances Extraordinaire”. 

Why wait another minute to tackle your books?  Grab your seat in the course!

Let’s get started!

Meet Your Instructor

Crystal Wambeke, Certified Bookkeeper

With over a decade of experience, I am the accounting bench coach you've been looking for.  I support and instruct small business owners when it comes to doing their accounting the right way.  I not only teach them accounting principles, I provide step-by-step instructions on doing the bookkeeping.  It is my mission to help business owners understand their finances so they can run their businesses like pros.

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Here are three amazing bonuses you get for free if you sign up today


The Business Bank Account Guide

This guide takes away all the challenges of figuring out how to utilize business bank accounts and makes it totally easy. Don't worry about doing things wrong, get the guide on how to do it right!


The Ultimate Toolkit on Business Licenses

Get on the right path to success and overcome “the unknown abyss,” with our Ultimate Toolkit of Business Licenses". Take the guesswork out of licenses and tax accounts… this bonus guide will tell you what to do, and just as important, where to find it.


Tax Time Help

Don’t waste a single second trying to figure out what tools you need to have at the end of the year for tax preparation. We make it easy giving you an entire toolkit of things you need to know at tax time to be prepared. Even better, we tell you how to get prepared months in advance!

What Others Are Saying:

"Thanks again for the help with our small business bookkeeping! You helped us resolve issues that had been haunting us for months, and gave us the understanding and tools to manage them effectively in the future."

Jolene Erlacher
Speaker, Author, Coach - Leading Tomorrow

"Thank you so much for sharing your time and and information [....]. I know it will be make a big difference in how I handle my bookkeeping moving forward."

Linsey Pinson
Owner - Pet Minders

"It was a pleasure attending your bookkeeping class [...]. I've enjoyed a few of your classes and hope to [take] more in the future. You make it engaging and interesting to learn about accounting!"

Kirsten Ostby
Owner - Direct Property Rental

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